Meet the DMS CyberNation team

We make amazing things.

  • Mo

    The whole reason I found video and digital production so fascinating is because it allows the creative mind to immerse itself in a world of fantasy and imagination. We can turn our ideas into something that incites an emotional response; a feeling. I've worked with some of the biggest companies in the world and I find nothing more satisfying than helping them bring their ideas to life.

  • Taner

    My one wish is to give each person the understanding that infinite possibilities are in fact possible. Getting creative with clients in the digital space and watching their business ideas grow right in front of their eyes is truly an exhilarating experience. I celebrate every new day with exuberance, and a piece of chocolate!

  • Sundeep

    I am a Music lover, from R&B to Jazz, it all goes well with the Tambourine Man. Music speaks to the soul, without boundaries, just like Creativity! This is why I love what we do at DMS Cybernation; we take simple business ideas and turn them into beautiful reality. Come unleash the power of Digital Media with us and give your business the sensory expression it deserves.

  • Elena

    I love to see new places, meet new people and find new ways of getting the most out of life. Join me and CyberNation on our next journey! Together we can uncover all your creative potential and tailor the best digital marketing solution for growing your business.

  • Ewa

    I love dancing, Latin culture, cats, and socializing with people from different places. Born in the year of the Monkey and true to its character I can’t sit still and I am always ready for new experiences. My dynamism, enthusiasm, easy going nature, and eagerness to learn all makes sure I never get bored. At work I am passionate about helping international business leaders deliver real value through DMS Cybernation.

We Give Your Creativity Infinite Possibilities

With our main headquarters in the Kingdom of Bahrain, DMS CyberNation is an award-winning media production house, offering a comprehensive range of products and services.

Over the years, we have amassed an international pool of complementary, creative and technical abilities, which has enabled us to provide a full range of the highest calibre of film, audio, digital and photography production services.

DMS CyberNation’s mantra: it is not acceptable to compromise on quality and creative integrity.

DMS CyberNation now consistently provides internationally acclaimed TV Commercials, Corporate Films, and Digital Media to a vast and diverse clientele; from individuals to advertising agencies and corporations.

By design, DMS CyberNation is a ’boutique’ style company, which allows flexibility, personalized service, and the ability to keep budgets low. It does not matter how well story boards and production schedules are planned, there are invariably last minute changes, and we are geared up to adapt to these changes with minimal adjustment to creative integrity and budgets.

Over the years, we have formed beneficial collaborations with top professionals and companies, which has allowed us to guarantee the best and the latest. We still believe that people are our greatest resource, and today DMS CyberNation boasts a dynamic core team of 25 professionals from around the world.

Our commitment to invest in our people and technology allows us to consistently produce work that lives up to the high standards associated with our name.

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