Create impact for your Communication. We are your personal Audio Recording studios

DMS CyberNation has evolved audio production to an entirely new level. We have the capacity to provide you with any measure of tailored audio production services because of the sheer size of our state-of-the-art studios and equipment. With our seasoned team of specialist audio composers and sound engineers, we work tirelessly to deliver your project whether it’s music production, radio commercials, or working with musicians and voiceover artists from around the world.

DMS CyberNation’s studio is fully equipped, and includes full ISDN facilities. We also have the latest industry standard audio technology including Logic Studio 9 sequencers, top of the line software such as Pro Tools, musical instruments, and plug-ins.

Our comprehensive database of local and international voiceover artists, (over 22 languages from Arabic to Zimbabwean, and nearly everything in between), means we can produce the perfect radio commercial or IVR message to suit your needs. Trust our dedicated professionals to deliver the finest audio product through exceptional post-production facilities for recording, mixing, mastering, converting and duplicating.

To listen to some of our sample Audio tracks, please click on the right.